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Since the time of the Roman age has developed in Valle Camonica a strong wine tradition. In the heart of it in 2004 Alex Belingheri founded the "Azienda Agricola Vallecamonica", driven by the passion for viticulture. The company has vineyards in Cividate Camuno (250 m.s.l.) locality "Delle Colture", Berzo Inferiore (400 m.s.l.) locality Belvedere, from which arises the “Ciass Negher”, a red grape that according to someone dates back to an ancient strain survived from Roman times; from “Ciass Negher”, name derived from dialect bornese which means “I like the red wine”, born two different types of wines: the “Ciass Negher Valcamonica IGT” and the “Ciass Negher table wine”. The third vineyard is located in one of the most charming location of the whole Valle Camonica: Annunciata of Piancogno, location situated at 800 m.s.l. from which you can admire a landscape that extends from the middle Valle Camonica to the Iseo Lake; The Annunciata vineyard is adjoining with the ancient convent of Franciscan Friars, historically very important for the artistic treasures kept inside including the cycle of paintings executed by Giovan Pietro inside the church. To the Annunciata vineyard born the “Bianco dell’Annunciata IGT” and the “Passito dell’Annunciata IGT”, the first passito of the Valle Camonica. The surface vineyard of the company is approximately 4 hectars with a density of 5 thousand plants for hectar; all wines of the Company are marked IGT exception for the “Ciass Negher table wine”. Now the head office of the Company is located to Artogne where there is also the modern wine cellar at which each year 15 thousand wine bottles are produced. The philosophy of the Company gives great importance to Valle Camonica winemaking traditions but is closely linked to modernity as demonstrated by the use of pneumatic presses and steel barrels, also selecting the grapes of its vineyards the "Azienda Agricola Vallecamonica" is already trying to get new wines for the future.


Agricola Vallecamonica - Artogne (BS) via XXV Aprile 11 CAP 25040 - P. IVA 02506330980