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Nautilus Crustorico

Biodiversity, challenge and innovation in summary of the guidelines that led us to create this "bubbles". Old historical roots and stumps, we started from here; plants until the century, only Red Grapes from biotypes or local varieties. The result is a traditional method, Blanc de Noirs, nothing Cuvée, only one year of harvest. 18 months on the lees, of which 24 in the depths of Lake Iseo. A necessity since it did not have a cellar suitable, a method revealed "ecological" for keeping the bottles at constant temperature and pressure. The balance achieved has allowed us to achieve a Pas Dosè, not containing added sugar; absolutely no compromises.



Passito dell'Annunciata

It was Moscatello today Passito, is lost in time.
When I understood the roots was possible for me.
The time has come true, the emotion is up to you.



Bianco dell'Annunciata

Annunciata, monastery, religion, and life.
Dominated the vineyards, woods became then returned, now white.
Little land, a lot of rock, slope and height are mitigated by Iseo.
Recent, past, written history and to be written.
Cross Manzoni in Purity.



Bianco delle Colture

Civitas Camunnorum
Soil and roots “Colture”.
Riesling Renano in purity.
In rebus dubis plurimum est audacia.



Ciass Negher I.G.T.

Ciass Negher, early millennium, the name given to my first bottle of wine.
Name, better dialect expression that defines the satisfaction of a good glass of local red. Let us fix a place in ancient Civitas Camunnorum, old roots. We travel in time, IGT new roots. Old and new roots today continue to dig, maybe you will meet, perhaps choose new destinations. The journey is about to begin again.



Ciass Negher V.D.T.

It 's the first wine produced by the company, the first vintage in 2004. We are proud and loyal, the IGT was still in its infancy. It is the traditional wine, produced for centuries by farmers as food consumption to withstand the daily efforts. Today we think to be a daily pleasure, vinified with technical improvements, starting from the same material, the same grape, the same territory.



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