Valley of the Signs

Known throughout the world for its Rock Carvings, declared a Unesco World Heritage Site, the Camonica Valley has always been synonymous with Culture, Art and History.
A valley that holds 300,000 signs engraved on rocks.
A history spanning more than 10,000 years.

The Camunian territory is divided into three macro-sectors:
The Upper Camonica Valley which extends from Edolo to Ponte di Legno and Tonale;
The middle Valle Camonica that from Breno reaches the municipalities of Sonico-Edolo, and the lower Valle Camonica that extends from Breno and Bienno and reaches Lake Iseo.

Viticolture in Valle Camonica

Over the years Camunian viticulture has become an area of not indifferent territorial enhancement. The link with the landscape, the favorable microclimate, the young winemakers and the improvement of environmental resources allow the sector to be relaunched and promoted.
Camunian wine is experiencing a great diffusion even in non-Camunian lands.

The grape varieties most present in the Valley are above all Merlot and Marzemino, as regards the black grape varieties. Crossing Manzoni, Muller Thurgau, and Riesling Renano are the most common among the white grape varieties.
To grasp every nuance of the territory, Agricola Vallecamonica is a widespread company, the 4 “ha” it cultivates are located on both sides of the lower valley with significant differences in height ranging from 250 to 800 meters above sea level. where you can appreciate the mild influence of Lake Iseo.

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