Our yesterday is full of commitment and authenticity.
Our today tells of passion and constant work.
Our tomorrow is full of dreams and ambitions.

From the restaurant to the vineyard.

Since 2003 I have been producing mountain wines in Valle Camonica, cultivating land between 250 and almost 800 meters. s.l.m.

Some vineyards have steep slopes and are demanding to work. Mechanization is limited as is the yield per vine.

I have always been committed to the recovery of ancient red grape varieties or local biotypes and over time I have honed my skills, managing to arrange vineyards over a hundred years old with some pre-phylloxera plants with open foot and accepting new challenges as for the vines recently introduced white grape.
Thinking about the future with the Piwi varieties, resistant to fungal diseases that produce grapes free from treatments, grapes that give wines that are pure, clean and respectful of the material.

Corporate choices

The approach to cultivation is integrated pest management with targeted interventions designed based on the climatic trend of the year, less conventional synthetic treatments favoring the use of copper and sulfur assisted by natural resistance inductors.
For the soil, alternating green manure crops are practiced where necessary, which provide nitrogen and humus with slow release in a natural way or organic fertilization of animal, bovine – equine origin.


Since 2010 out of necessity given by a cellar not suitable for the storage of the classic method, I have undertaken, with the Nautilus Crustorico sparkling wine, a unique and first underwater experimentation in the world in lake waters for the refinement of the classic method, at 40 meters in the depths of the Iseo lake with constant temperature and pressure, total darkness.

From this positive experience, in 2016 a new refinement project began at high altitude with the classic method sparkling wine Estremo Adamadus, which is left to rest at 10 meters. deep in the alpine lake Aviolo located at 1930 mt. S.l.m. within the Adamello natural park.


Agricola Vallecamonica is part of Fivi, the Italian federation of independent winemakers.
This association was born with the aim of representing the figure of the artisan
winemaker, promoting the quality and authenticity of Italian wines.

Fivi members can affix the stamp with the Fivi logo to their bottles.
The presence of this logo identifies a wine made by a winemaker, that is, by someone who has directly followed the entire supply chain from the care of the vineyard, to the transformation of grapes into wine, up to bottling and sale.

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