The lake cellars

A great challenge, a cross between biodiversity and innovation

Lake Iseo

A project where biodiversity, challenge and innovation meet.

The old vines of historical stocks, biotypes of local black berried varieties, are planted at an altitude ranging between 300 and 450 meters in the locality of Ruk in Cividate Camuno.
Each bottle contains a single vintage: the choice to abandon the concept of cuvée allows you to better appreciate the taste of a single vintage.

Aging takes place in a cellar at the bottom of the lake to keep the wine at constant pressure, at low temperature and in the absence of light.
This allows the yeast taste to be transferred to the wine very slowly.

No sugars are added to enhance the vintage or the type of grape.

The entire production process of this particular project has always been carried out with a careful eye on the environment. Our territory has always been close to our hearts even before environmental issues became the main topic.

The mountain generates the springs, the rivers flow and merge into the lakes, a perfect balance.

Vallecamonica, the Oglio river, Lake Iseo and Aviolo with its glacier they are the perfect balance.

Until 2010 I would never have thought of producing a Classic Method sparkling wine, it was not planned and it was not wanted or rather chance and luck wanted it. It all happened with the opportunity to manage the historic Ruk vineyard in Cividate Camuno , the previous family who had been looking after it for more than 50 years, had to leave due to the sudden illness of one of the members.

Lake Aviolo

EXTREME ADAMADUS … the new bet, PIWI resistant vines.
Extremo Adamadus is one of the first sparkling wines in the world to be
produced with Piwi vines, also called Superbio.

These are resistant to both cold and fungal diseases;

They require few treatments to obtain low environmental impact, eco-sustainable grapes that give pure wines, clean and respectful of the material.

Each bottle contains a single vintage.

This wine is aged in the mountains under extreme conditions, resting in the winter under a thick layer of ice that envelops the lake at the foot of the glacier in the heart of the Adamello Park.

A natural and sustainable cellar that favors a slow evolution of yeasts inside the bottle, ensuring a constant temperature and pressure due to the combination of altitude and immersion.

The vineyard dating back to the last century, with centuries-old plants, many of which are ungrafted, is made up of all the biodiversity that Vallecamonica represents; there are more than 10 different varieties that have been planted over the years. The berry is red as per tradition, purely native vines, Ciass Negher, Baldamina, Valcamonec, Gratù and Hibebo or better known as Schiava, Ciliegiolo, Marzemino, Incontro Terzi and Merlot all derived from old clones that are certainly difficult to find today.

The vinification 

I understand that these grapes could give a unique, complex and inimitable sparkling base, the risk is great and then where to put the bottles to rest on the lees. I accept the challenge, I renovate the vineyard again with the wooden poles taken from the woods, I change them with more practical ones in Corten, I put the threads back almost completely absent and I arrive at the harvest, the vinification is something unique; amazes me

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